Flexible Transfer Lines

These are systems with deterministic processing times and machine breakdowns. With respect to the type of material flow, POM Flowline Optimizer supports two types of systems:

Flow Production System with Deterministic Processing Times and Machine Breakdowns

A "Flexible Transfer Line" comprises work stations with deterministic processing times. The stations are usually automated.


The processing times of the different work stations usually are different. However, the workstations may break down. Due to these breakdowns which introduce randomness into the material flow the stations usually are decoupled with the help of buffers. The breakdown behavior of each station is defined by its mean time to failure (MTTF) and its mean time to repair (MTTR), which can be used to define a station's technical availability.

Flexible Transfer Line with Assembly Structure

POM Flowline Optimizer has also the ability to model converging material flows. In this case work pieses are introduced into the system at different stations and move forward through subsegments of the system, until they are assembled into an aggregate workpiece which keeps on moving further.