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MRP requirements planning

A complete demand explosion including dynamic lot sizing following the MRP successive planning concept is performed. In addition, the capacity requirements resulting from the computed lot sizes are shown graphically.

The bill-of-material structure is defined with the graph editor.

The data in the nodes denote (1.) offset time (2.) setup costs (3.) holding costs.

Dynamic lot sizing is possible with the Silver-Meal heuristic or the exact Wagner-Whitin procedure. Alternatively fixed run-out times can be set or a lot-for-lot procedure is available. Each product may be assigned a setup time and a processing time. These data are used to construct the resource requirements associated with a production plan.

Click on a bar in the resource requirements bar chart to get more information about the products involved.


k index of products
P-k product k
u(k) low level code of product k


  • a given bill-of-material structure
  • deterministic data (incl. offset times)


- Krajewski/Ritzman (1996), Chapter 14

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