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Graph Editor

You can create a graph as follows:

1. Activate the button insert node in located in the roolbar and click with the mouse on a location in the workspace. 2. Activate the button insert arrow and first click on the start node and then on the second node.
3. Activate then button insert node and click with the left mouse button on the node you want to edit. The node label (first row) can be edited through a click with right mouse button.

In order to delete a node, select the button delete node. If you want to delete an arrow, select the button delete arrow and move the mouse over the edit field associated to the arrow.

The graph may be save in file.

The number of data rows in a node depends on the graph type as follows:


Data in the rows

Field assigned to the arrow

Gozintograph (MRP successiv planning)

offset time ,
setup costs,
holding costs


Gozintograph (NIPPA procedure) --- not used ---,
setup costs,
holding costs

Gozintograph (linear equations)



RCPSP project plan

task duration,
resource number,
units of resource required


MPM project plan

task duration

minimal distance time (end-start)




Examples for the differing graph types:

Production structure (module RCCC with resource profiles)

Gozintograph (module material requirements planning, linear equations)

Gozintograph (module MRP-successive planning)

MPM project plan (infinite loading)

RCPSP project plan

Network (module shortest-path-problem )

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