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General Usage Information

For each problem type a separate window is opened, where all problem-specific data may be entered. In several problem typen (e.g. facility location) first the problem dimensions (e.g. the number of customers) must be entered. Only after the cursor has left the input field for the problem dimensions (e.g. with the Tab-key), all the remaining data entry field are generated.

Example: Facility location

Currently three demand centers are defined.

Enter the new number of customer centers (4) and place the cursor into a different field (use the mouse or the Tab-key). This triggers the generation of the input fields for the fourth demand center, which can then be filled with the relevant data.

For the data entry in tables (grids) a separate input field is used.

Example: ABC-Analysis

Click with the mouse on a cell in the table (not shown) and the value of the input field is transfered.

Data entry for problems based on graphs  (e.g. assembly line balancing, shortest-path problem, MRP, project planning, ...) can be done with the help of a graphical Editor.

When a problem window is closed, all data are lost. For some data-intensive problem types data may be saved in a file.

Click on a table with the right mouse button to copy it into the Windows Clipboard. Lists and Pictures are copied into the Clipboard with the left mouse button.

If you are working with the TEX typesetting system, you may want to transfer the contents of tables as preconfigured TEX "tabular" environments. Select this option in the menu "Options". The standard format can be copied directly into a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

The last activated menu can be selected with clicking the right mouse button in the main PMT window.

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