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Project scheduling: infinite loading

A project network with deterministic task times (single-point time estimates) is analyzed. An activity-on-node representation is used for the project network. The nodes could be production orders for products and components in an MRP planning environment.

In addition to the standard CPM calculations for each arc connecting to activities a minimum offset time (distance between end of task i and beginning of successor task j) is allowed for, which can be used to consider overlapped processing of two consecutive tasks. This option is often used in MRP, when the activities are equivalent to the processing of an order on a machine.

During the calculations a graph is displayed highlighting the current activy.


i index of tasks
D(i) duration of task i
ES(i) earliest start time of task i
EF(i) earliest finish time of task i
LS(i) lastest start time of task i
LF(i) latest finish time of task i
SL(i) slack time of task i


  • deterministich processing times
  • no resource consideration


- Krajewski/Ritzman (1996), Chapter 17

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