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Performance evaluation of an FMS (Mean-Value Analysis)

Mean-Value-Analysis is applied to compute the exact performance measures of a flexible manufacturing system with universal pallets, that is modeled as a product-form closed-queueing network.

The last station (M) is the transportation station (central server). Its relative arrival frequency is always 1.0 (non-editable). Be sure that the relative arrival frequencies of the remaining stations (1 to M-1) sum up to 1.


m index of stations
e index of the bottleneck station
b(m) mean processing time of a typical workpiece at station m
p(m) relative arrival frequency of a pallet at station m
S(m) number of servers at station m (machines, vehicles, etc.)
N number of pallets circulating in the system


  • limited number of pallets
  • universal pallets


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