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POM Flowline Optimizer 6.0

POM Flowline Optimizer is a software system for the analytical performance evaluation and optimization of flow production systems with limited buffers. The computations are based on the newest results of queueing theory that are adapted to the specific requirements of flow lines, such as automative body shops or machining lines. The results are available within seconds and the quality of the approximations is very good, which has been proven with the help of a large number of simulation experiments based on industrial data.

POM Flowline Optimizer

POM Flowline Optimizer can be used to study the performance of linear flow lines with stochastic processing times as well as flexible transfer lines with deterministic processing times and failures having a linear or an assembly material flow. For each type of flow production system very efficient specialized algorithms for the performance evaluation are implemented. In addition to the performance evaluation of a given system configuration POM Flowline Optimizer includes algorithms for the automatic optimization of the number and allocation of buffers between the stations.

The following types of problems can be solved:

Given ... POM Flowline Optimizer finds ...
  • a specified total number of buffer spaces
  • the optimal allocation of these buffer spaces among the stations.
  • a target production rate (throughput; quantity per time unit).
  • the mininum number of buffer spaces including the optimal allocation of these buffer spaces among the stations.

Besides the standard interactive modus, POM Flowline Optimizer can also be used automatically in a command line modus. If applied this way, POM Flowline Optimizer can become part of overall workflow approaches for factory planning (e.g. a combination with simulation is possible). With the help of an XML-based data structure, POM Flowline Optimizer can be integrated seamlessly into planning approaches such as "Virtual Factory" or "Virtual Production".

POM Flowline Optimizer is successfully applied by several major german automotive producers as well as by other companies.

Download a Powerpoint Demo of POM Flowline Optimizer

Related literature:

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